Sunday, December 8, 2013

Whine? Wine!

Y'all...I'm about to lose. my. mind.

My girl. Oh, my girl. She is in a phase of perpetual whining. And it is KILLING HER MOTHER.

It's not all-out temper tantrums. Honestly, I think I might prefer that. Temper tantrums are rough for a few minutes but subside quickly. This whining thing? It's all day. Every day.  The minute she get doesn't get something she wants ("No, Amelia. We are not watching the Flemish version of "For the First Time in Forever" from Frozen for the 30th time..."). And it doesn't let up.

It's not loud whining. It's these soft little "humph" noises, often followed by a folded-arm flop onto the floor. Accompanying the whine is a dirty look that rivals any, along with the refusal to speak using words.  This is particularly frustrating, because much of her whininess comes when I need her to make a choice. A conversation might go something like this.

Amelia:  I want a snack!
Me: What do you want?
Amelia: I want chocolate chips!
Me: You've had enough chocolate today.
Amelia: Whining noise followed by thumping on ground
Me; You can have ___________, or ___________, or _____________. Which would you like?
Amelia:  (silence)
Me:  Which one?
Amelia:  (silence, evil stare)
Me: Fine. I won't get you anything.
Amelia: Continued whining noises

 Sister can hold a grudge like no other. Let's just say I walked away from the above scenario. If I come back to her maybe an hour later and try to talk to her, I'm still likely to get the whine and the flop.

I think this is why I always enjoyed teaching classes of boys over girls. I loved all my students, but boys were so much easier, so much less drama. All this harrumphing and grudge-holding exhausts me to NO END. I love her to pieces, but she's wearing on me.

The solution to whine? Wine. Lots of wine.

You know how sometimes people start little fundraisers for their families, with a link that you can click to donate? Like a diaper fund for mamas of multiples? I'm going to start a WINE for WHINE fund for myself. Would you please donate? I prefer reds.

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