Monday, December 23, 2013

A Room of Her Own

So, as I previously mentioned, I've been all caught up in the redecorating of the girl's room. In hindsight, I probably wouldn't have tried to cram so much into such a short amount of time. From the idea entering my head to the finish of the project was less than a week. There was much driving to pick up furniture and online ordering and many, MANY trips to Home Depot (one of which was spent talking to a straight CREEPER for a good fifteen minutes while he mixed my paint). Although doing it while the kids were out of town was definitely the best option, trying to get it all done super-fast was...challenging. Especially for a perfectionist painter. Who refuses to tape off, because tape is for PANSIES (in my head, I don't say the word 'pansies'...). But I digress.

Be warned...many transformation pictures ahead.

I wished that I'd taken one last picture of the room before I'd done anything to it, but I felt so rushed I just jumped right in. This is when I started painting the walls pink--you can see the hideous taupe color that she lived with for almost five years:
The walls of her room had never been painted, and we bought this home as a 'spec home', meaning that it was brand new, built by the builder. They don't do a whole lot of upgrades to spec homes, and the paint was no exception. It was flat paint, and it literally SUCKS paint in. Like a dying man in a desert. The light pink took two coats, three around the trim; the dark pink took three coats, four around the trim.

After I got some of the dark pink on her wall, I hesitated. I wasn't sure about it. I also needed a break. So I literally laid down in the floor and took a picture, left it up to Facebook. Everyone unanimously agreed that I should keep painting. Thank you, Facebook friends.  You were right.
 On day two, I worked on the bright pink wall and the tree.

That took ALL DAY. While one coat would dry, it would be time to add another to a different area. It was slightly maddening. I finally stopped for a bit to go pick up a new mattress for the bed, and to eat dinner. As soon as we got home, it was back to work.

Day three was all about the flowers and trim The flowers are tissue paper, which means they won't last too long. However, the added benefit is that we can change them out as often as we want, the kids can help make them, etc. Kind of a fun little ever-changing addition to the room. However, despite how it seems, I am NOT a crafty person. I am capable, but I don't enjoy it. Cutting those flowers made me absolutely INSANE. I couldn't wait to be done. Putting them up was fun, though.  Day three wrapped up with trim painting--also maddening. Again, everything needed two coats of paint. Painting the arched window was a straight pain in the ass.
Sunday was reveal day, so I had to hurry to get all the finishing touches taken care of. Paint touch-ups, painting her door, more trim work. I also went to get some sheets and a new lamp for her room. I ordered her comforter online, but that hasn't come in yet. It's just plain white with lots and lots of ruffles. White and five-year-olds probably don't mix well, but it was cheap. I won't feel bad if it gets ruined.

They got back at about 8:00 on Sunday. I helped get them out of the car and whispered in Amelia's ear, "I have a surprise for you..."  She was so sweet--huge smile, lots of curiosity. I made her close her eyes, and when she opened them, she was in shock. We did video it, but she was kind of speechless, so she doesn't say much in the video. After she took it all in, she asked lots of questions: "Did you paint the walls? Are they both pink? Light pink and dark pink? Did you paint a tree?" She also said, "I LOVE my new room!" and "Thank you Mommy!" many, many times. I was both happy that she loved it, and proud that I've raised a grateful child who is truly thankful when someone does something for her.

She slept in her new bed last night. She spent the better part of the day playing in there, including eating her breakfast in the bed. Anderson loves it too. It's just so pretty and bright during the day. Anderson is excited for his new bed (coming soon...). He says he wants new curtains, too. Why curtains, I have no idea.

Let me tell you...I wasn't prepared for the physical pain that this makeover would cause. I carried around the heaviest ladder known to mankind, and it bruised my forearms and shins like you wouldn't believe. I also have a crappy back, and bending to paint, standing in one place, standing in odd positions to paint the highest points--they all hurt badly. I dropped the curtain rod straight on my head. It's heavy. I ran into the foot of Amelia's bed with my knee--HARD. I look like I've done battle, and all I've done is repaint and decorate a room. Sad.

But, who wouldn't endure a little pain for these eyes?

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  1. oh my goodness. I LOVE it! You did a fantastic job and I can't believe you hand painted that tree! It's the perfect room for your sweet little girl. My almost 5 year old would DIE if she saw that some little girls get pink rooms (hers is a light green with purple accents). Job well done, mama!