Friday, November 22, 2013


Throughout the course of this year, Anderson's teachers and the other teachers throughout their preschool have become more and more fascinated by Anderson. I love talking to them about him, telling them all of the funny things he does, because it reminds me of just how...shall we say, 'quirky'...he really is. It's amazing how easily his funny little habits become "normal" to us--anything that is a part of your everyday life becomes commonplace. Watching the teachers' reactions when I talk about my boy makes me remember just how interesting he really is.  Most of his teachers are young, and the afternoon teachers are college girls working on education degrees, so he's the first "different" kid that many of them have worked with (and yes, I'd like to possibly set a record for how many "quotation marks" ever used in one blog post).

When I pick Anderson up from school on Fridays, no less than three adults will tell him--along with Tofu--goodbye, and tell him to have a good time at Hollister on Saturday. Of course he flashes his million-watt smile and those baby blues shine, and they fawn all over him and marvel at the uniqueness of his weekly visits to Hollister. More than once, they've commented that they wished ALL kids could just go to a store--a free trip--as a reward for good behavior. They're definitely on to something there.

The boy is also a crazy-good mimic. He pretends to be both Marty and I all the time. If I'm drying my hair, he pulls a chair into the bathroom and dries his hair, too.  If I'm flat-ironing (damn you, adorable new haircut!) my hair, he's flat-ironing his hair, too.  If Marty is making coffee, Anderson is grinding his beans, too.  Apparently, this is now carrying over into school.  One day last week, Anderson decided he was his teacher, Ms. Stacy. He sat at the top of the "circle" (which is really a half circle. Hmmm.), in the teacher's spot, and said, "Okay, now, Lindy. Here's what we are gonna do."  Now...Lindy is his other TEACHER. So to call her by her first name--well, in my book, that's questionable. However, as they were telling me about it, they were cracking up and they took absolutely no offense. I think it's because he clearly means no disrespect. In fact, that's one of his finest qualities. He is very, very true. He can't lie. He's honest about his emotions and is unable to take into consideration how others might feel about him. It's the most pure, sweet quality.

Today, as I was gathering the kids' belongings from their locker, I noticed a plastic Kroger bag hanging on one of the hooks. Curious, I  peeked inside. It contained one of his lotions, and a small notebook. Now, knowing my boy, I immediately knew what this was. Each day when Marty takes them to school, he packs one of the reusable black Kroger bags with their lunch box, their backpacks, jackets, notebooks, etc.  I figured that this was his bag that he'd packed, too.  When I went into the classroom, sure enough--he asked for his "black bag". He pulled out his lotion, and Ms. Stacy kind of raised her brows. The teachers didn't know about his obsession with little lotions! So, of course, I filled them in on the wide variety of hotel lotions he carries around and sleeps with. Again, they were--for lack of a better word--charmed by him. Another little quirk that makes him HIM.

Tonight, I was retelling the story to Marty. He responded with, "Anderson has to be one of the most memorable kids that they've ever had at the school."

"You're right," I replied, thinking about it. Realizing that he probably is one for the record books. My teacher friends will get it. He's one that they'll talk about long after he's gone. They'll tell stories about Tofu, and the Story Bus, and lotion and Hollister and all of the other funny things he's said and done.

And then, I said, "And how lucky are we that we get to keep him forever?"

And it's true. We are very, very LUCKY.

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  1. Kids like Anderson win over our hearts as soon as we meet them. That's why we remember kids like him - they carry a piece of our heart with them. :)