Monday, June 17, 2013

A Little Hairy...

Things are getting a little hairy around here.

And by hairy, I mean Anderson has developed a strong distaste for hair. Specifically, loose hair that might be on the floor, couch, etc., and Marty's chest hair.  I don't know if it's sensory thing or not--he doesn't touch the hair, so I don't think it relates to how hair 'feels'. I think it's just an odd aversion, like Amelia's fuzz aversion. However, because he fixates on everything, including aversions, this hair issue is causing some minor inconveniences at home.

As in most households with young kids, there are no sacred places in the home, including the bathroom. Anderson enjoys being in there with others, regardless of what they might be doing in there. In fact, one of his favorites things to do is come in while you're...well...using the bathroom, and ask you, "Hey ____, what are you doing?" Umm..pretty obvious, buddy.  Anyway, he also comes in to hang out while I'm getting ready--you know, fixing hair, putting on make-up, etc. However, now with this whole hair issue, he immediately comes in and looks for stray hairs on the floor. You all, my hairdresser calls me a "hair monster"--I have a LOT of hair. To think that my bathroom floor would ever be completely hair-free is pretty much ridiculous.  When he finds said hairs, he is quick to point them out, which often leads to incessant whining until the hair is removed. Which yeah, picking up some hair isn't a big deal, except it's pretty annoying when it happens ALL. THE. TIME. Especially when I'm trying to get ready in a hurry. So, I've started vacuuming the floor more often, to try to avoid these instances. Yesterday, he came home from a night at Nana and Papaws and immediately came into the bathroom with me. I had JUST vacuumed, so I triumphantly pointed out that the floor was clean as soon as I saw his little eyeballs searching the ground obsessively. He walked over into a corner where the closet door meets the bathroom tile, found the tiniest hair, and pointed it out. I'm developing a cleaning complex as a result of this stupid aversion.

The other hairy issue is Marty's chest hair.  This one is actually kind of comical. I mean, he's seen Marty shirtless a zillion times, but it was like one day he woke up and decided that chest hair was gross.  When Marty wakes up, he does a few things before he puts his shirt on. If Anderson is awake, he will say things like, "Daddy, you're gonna put your shirt on."  If Marty doesn't immediately oblige, it can turn into, "Daddy, put your shirt on!" (said in an incredibly whiny voice).  Marty took him swimming, and he refused to be carried by Daddy in the water for fear of brushing against the chest hair. Fortunately, he hasn't developed an issue with the arm and leg hair--yet. Today, I told him that he would grow chest hair when he got older, and he looked appalled. Sorry, son. Some things can't be controlled.  I'll give ya the number to a great waxer. 

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