Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Fathers Day Retrospective...

As mentioned in a previous blog post, this year, we decided to combine all of our holidays and gift-giving into one fun-filled family trip. Well, said family trip hasn't happened yet (but it will!), and here we are at Fathers Day. For the occasion, the kids picked out cards for Marty (which are hysterical--I'll post some pics after he opens them), and I decided to do this--a little blog tribute to him.

For those of you who don't know Marty, he's the kindest, most laid-back, most genuinely himself person in the world. Those of you who DO know Marty are nodding your heads in agreement.  Everyone--and I do mean everyone--loves him. He's soft-spoken, gentle, stubborn, and smart. And, he's an AMAZING father--and I do honestly mean that. When you have multiples, it is all-hands-on-deck with parenting, but he never hesitated to be just as involved as me. We are equal partners in this adventure called parenthood--you'd never hear either of us say anything like "Wait till your ______ comes home"--we share the responsibility. Fortunately, we also share parenting beliefs, so we've never had a situation where we've disagreed on a parenting decision--which is pretty amazing, considering we have two special-needs kids with very different situations. Yeah. He's pretty awesome.

So...without further ado, a little retrospective of his journey into fatherhood. Warning: adorable pictures ahead.

Keeping me entertained  during my 33 day hospital stay before the kids were born.

Yes, he found endless ways to entertain me, including wearing his jeans tucked into his boots and his phone in a case.

This is the day after the kids were born. I was SO incredibly sick up in my room and he was gone forever! He came back giddy, because the nurse had let him change and hold Anderson.
Saying goodbye to Amelia before her hernia surgery

When Amelia first came home, she ended up right back in the hospital two days later.  She didn't tolerate her formula well. Marty stayed with her the entire time, relieving me of the PTSD issues and allowing me to be home with Anderson. AMAZING. DAD.

This is AFTER she came home--still that tiny. 
I know this is me, but I was shocked when I saw this one! Look how SMALL Amelia was--this was shortly before she came home! Wow.

Words not needed.

First Fathers Day 
This one is a Daddy's Girl. She went through a phase where she ONLY wanted him. Like a 6 month phase.

(She had just thrown up ALL over me...)

Playing "doctor" on Christmas Morning

I can barely look at these pictures.
My favorite of them.
Happy Fathers Day to the best Dad I know.

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