Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ready for summer...

Well, kind of.

My allergies kicked themselves into HIGH gear this week.  I'm talking, I'm outside for more than five minutes and my eyes start itching and watering, and I start sneezing non-stop. I absolutely HATE allergies. One of these days when I get some time on my hands (Go ahead. Laugh. I know it isn't going to happen.), I'm going to start getting allergy shots, so that I can eventually become less of an allergy freak. So, I would prefer for the allergies to subside before my summer break begins. We like to spend as much time as possible outside, and right now that is entirely too miserable for me.

Also, the kids are sick. It came out of nowhere.  Anderson started coughing a bit on Saturday, then Amelia started, and all of a sudden we are coughing like pack-a-day smokers up in here.  Amelia is running a fever and Anderson claims his ear hurts. The coughing is NON. STOP.  There isn't a ten second period when someone isn't coughing their head off.  It's kind of going all through me.  They're going to the doctor within the hour; we want to be sure their ears are clear. They have pre-school graduation (well, graduating to pre-k-ish...don't ask) on Thursday and we really want them to be able to participate.  The only upside to this particular funk has been that they've been snuggly with me today. Anderson even asked to snuggle some. That's rare these days, so you better believe I'm taking advantage. However...I'd really like for them to get well before our summer officially starts.

However, this summer will be different for all of us. They're going to go to "school" (summer care) two days a week. After today, I absolutely know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is a good choice.  For one thing, Anderson can continue to see his SLP, which is definitely a positive, and for another, it will give them something to do. By about 9:00 this morning, Anderson had asked me to play trains and to go outside about a gazillion times.  He was soooooo bored. Breaking up our time at home will be a good thing all the way around. For their sanity and mine.  One of the days that they'll attend is a water play day, so they'll have that to look forward to.

Summer starts for them next week--their pre-school year ends Friday. I finish work next Friday as well. Then, it's official. Now, if we can just all feel better...

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