Sunday, February 24, 2013

Random Ramblings...

Nothing heavy to write about today--which is not a bad thing, in my opinion--just some random craziness from this insane life.


Marty has handled the funk very well this time around.  There's not really an adequate word to describe my relief. I think we have it down to a science, now.  When it starts coming on, he starts taking round-the-clock decongestants, along with what he calls my "witch-doctor" supplements (AKA Zicam, Airborne, etc.). Part of his issues with his lungs are because he aspirates at night. He has a paralyzed vocal cord (an awesome left-over of the brain tumor). During the day, he can protect his airway by swallowing with his head turned to the side, but at's a different story. So, when he's sick and has drainage, it can run straight into his lungs when he sleeps.  One thing that he can do to help this is to prop himself up while he sleeps, which makes it more likely for drainage to run into his stomach versus his lungs (and wow...this drainage talk is disgusting. Sorry about that.).  This time around, we decided on an insane set-up that makes it look like we're trying to redecorate our house, rather than keep him healthy. He sits propped up on the couch, and pulls the loveseat over to use as an ottoman.  Hard to describe but it works kind of like a Laz-E-Boy (which I wish we had, and I can't even believe I'm saying that because those suckers are hideous! In our next house, we will have one, though, if nothing else but for this purpose). I think it helped...he only ran a fever for a short time and his lungs sound great today. He says he's feeling better today. Bullet dodged.

They're all snotty and nasty, but hopefully on the mend.

I casually mentioned to Amelia something about taking dance lessons and she was all like, sure, I can be like Angelina Ballerina, and can we go to the store today to get a ballerina outfit??  So off we went. We tried Once Upon A Child first, and they had a few things, but nothing that would really fit her tiny butt.  Then, we went to hell Wal-Mart, and they had a selection of dance items, but again--nothing in the 18 month size. I was ready to give up, then looked at that little hopeful face, and decided that, come hell or high water, I was finding a way to make that girl into a ballerina. So...I bought a pair of 18-36 month tights, some slippers that are kind of ballet-like, and a 24 month long-sleeved onesie to substitute for a leotard, and we called it a day.  The result--what I like to call a redneck ballerina, but she was thrilled and of course doesn't know the difference.  She didn't notice the saggy tights or the onesie that hung a good two inches below her crotch.  I plan to continue the hunt for real ballet clothing, as we are going to observe a dance class hopefully next week and then maybe actually start classes. I want this for my girl so badly--partly because I never got to take dance lessons as a kid, but mostly because I think it would be very good for her. She's so outgoing at home, but so introverted at school and in public.

Doing a few ballet moves...

She's really fascinated by the shoes.

Yesterday, while we were on our little adventure looking for ballet clothes, Marty texted me to tell me he was taking Anderson to the park. About 30 minutes later, I texted to ask if they were having fun, and Marty's response was "Not really. He's having a very autistic day."  Sadly, I knew what this meant for the little guy.  Lots of anxiety and echolalia. Apparently he couldn't climb up one of the structures on his own and that sent him into a tailspin of anxiety.  One of the things he's started doing lately when he's upset is asking if he can do something (and the answer is usually yes...), but then he says he can't. A conversation might go like this:

Anderson:  "Can I go down the slide?"
Me:  "Sure. Go ahead."
Anderson: "I can't! I'm too big!"
(Insane crying and whining ensue)

Obviously that makes no sense; he's not too big. This is just how his frustrations manifest. Let me tell you, it can be frustrating to the parents. He will ask over and over if he can do something and then repeat this same scenario.  We try to "reset" him by getting him engaged in something else. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.  He's definitely been more challenging the past few weeks. We are hoping it's a phase.

He looks so big here!  My sweet boy...notice that the background of my pics NEVER shows a nice, clean house. This house was spotless yesterday. It lasts oh...maybe 30 seconds.

Marty and I are self-professed coffee junkies. I blame him for this ridiculous and expensive habit--he got me addicted in college.  In our early days, we would just drink Folgers or, gasp, Kroger brand coffee! Not sure when it all changed, but now I can't stomach that funky stuff. I only drink that in emergency situations.  We used to order gourmet coffee online  (that stuff is A-MAZING. If you're wealthy and can afford it, try it...), but then realized how ridiculously pricey that was. Unfortunately, going back to the cheap stuff was difficult.  We usually get whatever "good" coffee is on sale, or cheapest--either Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts (my personal favorite).  Well...our coffee world changed last week. We invested in a coffee bean grinder for the first time ever. It was our Valentine's Day gift, and it is fabulous! I did a little research, decided a burr grinder was what we wanted, and got a fairly cheap one. Bought some Trader Joe's beans at the recommendation of a co-worker, and wow. Mind blown.  Marty got a french press as a get-well gift from his bosses when he was in the hospital, so he's been enjoying the best coffee ever!  If you like coffee, I recommend getting a grinder. Freshly ground beans have absolutely no bitterness. It's heavenly.

I always see these artsy shots of really hip coffee cups with latte with the art-in-the-foam-topping on Instagram.  I have these cups, from our marriage place settings. They are hideous.  The coffee is still delish.

That's about it from around here. Happy Sunday, friends.

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  1. We've had good luck with leotards from Target and they typically run small and shrink in the wash. As for tights, if you want real dance tights, check out these:

    And I know our dance studio has all dancewear, tights, and shoes in house so we were able to try things on before purchasing them. At their age though "professional" dance attire isn't a requirement. :) Good luck!