Monday, February 24, 2014

What We Hear...

Taking a break from the heavy stuff for a fun "me-type" post, because shew, haven't we had enough seriousness in here?!

You all MUST know by now how much I love music. I love that people ask me about music--sadly I'm very proud of that. Anyway, someone recently asked me for some musical advice and I thought hey, I haven't blogged about music lately. So why not!

Also...I have to add that Anderson continues to have the absolute best taste in music. I get a little happy boost when we're in the car and he asks me to play something awesome like "Mother Protect", which has to be my ultimate favorite right  now.

So, without further ado, some of what we are listening to right now (and, as always...don't watch the videos. Just listen to the music. The videos are bad):

Beatcity, by Still Corners
Bleeding For Your Love, by Suvi
Camouflage, by Small Black
Cast Away, by Strange Talk
Everything You Wanted, by Clubfeet
Girls Like You, by The Naked and Famous (one of my favorite groups)
I Won't Be Long, by Beck
Julian, by Say Lou Lou
Last Night, by Niki & The Dove
Mother Protect, by Niki & The Dove (WE LOVE THIS ONE!)
Oh, Sailor, by Mr Little Jeans
Riptide, by Vance Joy
Thunder Clatter, by Wild Cub
You're Not the One, by Sky Ferriera (no link because Viices started playing and Anderson demanded that I not turn it off...)

Obviously I have a "type" right now--strong girl music, for the most part. Very alt-indie, very 80s inspired.  My taste changes all the time. Guess this is just where I am right now. It's all good--Anderson is a fan, too. :-)

If you're looking for something different, something not typical of what you hear on the radio all the time, check those out when you get a chance. Good stuff...


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